It was your demand for something better that got our engineering research team moving to create the TUFTRUCK brand for McAllister Industries, a family-owned company based in western Canada.

With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, McAllister services and supplies some of the biggest North American heavy truck builders and the best of after-market distributors of custom suspensions for domestic pick-ups. The company is ISO9001: 2008 certified with fully calibrated furnaces and heat charts available on request.

In 2002, suppliers and working pick-up drivers starting coming to us with a complaint about their trucks. The problem was that original stock parts lacked the muscle to handle hauling and towing needs, which left trucks sagging and swaying.

The bottom line: they wanted to know where they could get better replacement coils.

With the gauntlet laid down, our engineers went to work and developed TUFTRUCK heavy duty suspension coils so the toughest guys on the block didn’t have to settle for parts that couldn’t handle the load.

When we engineer a TUFTRUCK coil, we not only meet but exceed industry standards with higher compression requirements and impeccable testing standards. And we use high-quality US steel in all our TUFTRUCK coil springs.

We believe that consistently high standards for materials, people, processes and service will deliver a consistently higher customer experience. Our engineering, quality control and sales staff are focused on providing quality products and service to everyone involved with our products.

TUFTRUCK coils are better than the coil springs that came with the vehicle you bought. Strong words but we’ve got the muscle to back it up