1999 - 2006 Chevy GMC - Silverado 1500/Sierra 1500 Rear Suspension Package


Part Number: 99-06GM1500

Leaf Springs ship directly from our warehouses in NJ and TX. Due to limited inventory, local pickup at our MI shop is not available at this time.

Product Information

We have built a suspension package for your 1999 through 2006 Silverado or Sierra 1500 that includes everything you'll need for a complete replacement.

Leaf Springs:

Click the links below to learn more about each leaf spring version and their respective capacity differences.

3 Leaf 4 Leaf*  5 Leaf* 6 Leaf*

 * The leaf springs are from the previous generation but can be mounted on the 99-06 1500 with eyebolt adapters (link) to save money.


The shackles on this generation of truck are well known for rusting through and failing. Don't risk your springs coming through the bed of your truck.

M1114 Shackle

U Bolts:

This generation of GM truck requires 9/16 x 2.5" Square Bend x YOUR LENGTH.

The stock length varies by the block configuration with your leaf springs. If you're purchasing a heavier leaf spring, you'll need to compensate for the additional height by purchasing longer u bolts.

If you have a lift kit and need longer u bolts than we have listed, please order from this page (link)