1982 - 2004 S-10/Blazer/Jimmy/Bravada/Sonoma U Bolts (Pair)


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Part Number: ubr9/16x2-3/4Rx6-1/2
Product Information
  • This set will be: 9/16" Diameter Rod x 2 3/4" Wide Round Bend x 6 1/2" Legs
  • Grade 5 Hardened Rolled National Fine Threads 
  • Including High Nuts and Extra Thick U-bolt rated Washers
Product Description:
This is a BRAND NEW set of Grade 5 Hardened U-bolts. These are the real thing, NOT the the low grade, under sized "universal" U-bolts that you usually get with most lift kits and aftermarket bolt-ons. We custom make all of our U-bolts using the highest grade U-bolt rods available, while specifically matching accurate and correct dimensions for every application. They use rolled threads instead of the weaker cut threads that are common with cheap U-bolts. Don't take a chance on losing your axle over cheap inferior U-bolts.

* Note - U-bolt width is measured between the legs as close to the bend as possible - NOT on centers or outside

What's In The Box:
  • 2 - U-bolts
  • 4 - High Nuts
  • 4 - Thick U-bolt Washers

Customers are responsible for verifying dimensions of their u bolts before placing orders.