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Beattie Spring Spec Series

OE Spec:

We know you want the right parts, and we also know you want the best parts, made right.  Our suspension parts are built to meet or exceed the original equipment specifications when it comes to design and quality standards.  Unlike many of the independent and bargain price manufacturers, our manufacturers operate under the strict guidelines of the SRI industry standard.  This takes the guess work out of trying to find the right replacement suspension parts for your vehicle because our parts go through a very stringent engineering and quality control process. This ensures that they will be as good or better than the original parts, every time.  These aren’t the kinds of springs and components that you will find at the bargain chain stores or big box stores, so don’t take a chance on inferior parts.  Stick with OE/SRI Spec Solutions.

HD Solutions:

Lets face it, your truck’s suspension wasn’t heavy enough to begin with for the demanding work load you throw at it.  Thats where Beattie Spring’s HD Solutions come into play.  We carry an entire line of springs and components that are built to be heavier and stronger than anything the original manufacturer ever offered from the factory.  These components will let you get away with those extra heavy loads while giving you the piece of mind that your truck can handle that extra abuse that it takes to get the job done.

Aftermarket Upgrades:

Its no secret that many OEM designs are full of engineering flaws and compromises in quality to save on costs.  Thats why many of our aftermarket components are built to correct and improve on original designs.  This saves you from experiencing so many of the failures that occur with OEM components. 

At our core:

Whether we are doing the work for you, or you are doing it yourself, the core of our belief at Beattie Spring is that the job should always be done correctly.  We’re really picky about the components that we decide to carry and install for our customers.  Thats why you won’t find a lot of the cheaper “bolt on” parts in our inventory that you so often find with other parts and service providers.  If its not something that we believe will be functionally correct for your vehicle, then we won’t sell it.  If we’ve learned anything in the 50+ years that we’ve been in business, its what works and what doesn’t. But more importantly, we’ve learned that our reputation is worth a whole lot more than the money that could be made selling cheap inferior and gimmicky parts to our customers.  Quality still means something to us, and you can count on that when buying your parts from Beattie Spring.